Support your tailbone, hips and lower back with our High Grade Therapeutic Memory Foam seat cushions. Help relive the nagging pains you experience from sitting for extended periods of time. Our orthopedic seat cushions give hands down relief with gel enhanced seat cushions that include memory foam that holds its form when you sit on it.


Lower back support


Does and injury or low back weakness cause you pain when sitting for extended periods of time? If so we have many satisfied customers that use our seat cushions that are made right here in the USA. Our memory foam cushions are perfect for around the house, but if you want additional support we have gel enhanced seat cushions with memory foam that will not collapse and leave you sitting on a hard piece of rubber. It keeps the support and returns to original shape even if you spend 8 hours on it.




Using our seat pad in your home chair is easy. Choosing the non-slip cleanable cover makes good sense. If you have a small frame or larger our gel enhanced seat cushions are made to hold and keep their shape and support up to 300 lbs or more. Pressure reduction is proven to help with the pain associated with lower back issues. You can easily pick up and carry our seat pads with the handle when you want to use on another chair or for travel.


Work chairs


Work chairs often have the lumbar support but using an orthopedic memory foam gel seat cushion for your lower back is certain you will notice the difference of our ergonomically designed seat cushion. When you get up from your desk and return the first thing you notice is the Therapeutic Memory Foam has returned to its original shape. Our specially designed pressure point region for the tailbone and coccyx makes a real difference in comfort and pain relief.



Older cars usually offer very limited back support to their seats. Our specialized cushion for car is designed to relieve that pressure on your tailbone and sciatic that causes shooting pain and inflammation when driving. Newer cars often provide a lumbar support, but for someone with lower back issues an ergonomically designed gel enhanced seat cushion can provide daily relief on your way home from your long day at work or for that long trip you have to take.


Wheelchair cushions


For those of us that need a wheelchair to get around our wheelchair cushions help to keep the pressure points of sitting cushioned. Using an orthopedic seat cushion is proven to help relieve sores and pain on the buttocks that are associated with wheelchair users. The cooling gel pad works all day to keep you cool and comfortable. Black and Grey covers are chosen as neutral colors for all types of seat cushions.