Many people spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether your job demands spending large amounts of time in a car, or you work from home in front of a computer, or work in an office, sitting for prolonged periods can cause discomfort and back issues. A small triangular-shaped bone at the bottom of the spinal cord is what takes the pressure of prolonged sitting periods. There is, however, a positive option to help, like finding a good orthopedic seat cushion. There are many seat cushions available that help relieve the pressure on the coccyx and spine. These orthopedic seat cushions range in design and material from gel enhanced seat cushions to memory foam seat cushions, and can be used as wheelchair cushions, a cushion for car seats, and home or office chairs. Knowing some of the varieties available as well as their benefits can help you decide which type if best for you.


Standard Memory Foam Cushion


These orthopedic seat cushions are made with relieving lower back pain in mind. They are entirely made from memory foam and are generally about three inches thick and will not flatten out during use. Memory foam is a good choice for people needing less support, like smaller people.





Standard Gel Foam Cushion


Made from 100 percent high-quality gel-enhanced memory foam, this orthopedic gel seat cushion relieves pressure on the coccyx, tailbone, lower back, sciatica, and hips. It boasts an ergonomic design ideal for a broad range of body types. Gel-enhanced seat cushions make a better choice for larger people who are in need of more support and do not want the cushion to flatten out.





When it comes to the lower back pain associated with being seated for long periods of time, users of orthopedic seat cushions know there is a solution. Whether it is for an office or home chair, a wheelchair, or a car seat, there is the right option available. For a smaller person in need of less support, a memory foam seat pad is ideal; for someone who is larger and in need of more support, gel-enhanced seat pads are ideal. Available in black or grey and sized at 18″x14″x3″, has you covered.